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Africa's Richest Presidents 2014

Africa's Richest Presidents list has been
released by .They listed
President Jonathan at No 6 and had this to
Goodluck Jonathan – Net Worth: $100
Goodluck Jonathan is the President of
Nigeria. His net worth is estimated to
be around $100 million. He launched
a “Roadmap for Power Sector
Reform”, launched the Youth
Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria
and launched the Transformation
Agenda. He is a member of the ruling
“People Democratic Party”.
Full list below

1. Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola – $20

2. Mohammed VI of Morocco – $2.5 Billion

3. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of
Equatorial Guinea – $600 Million

4. Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya – $500

5. Paul Biya of Cameroon – $200 Million

6. King Mswati III of Swaziland – $100
Million (The monarch shares the number

6 spot with President Jonathan)

7. Idriss Deby of Chad – $50 Million

8. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe – $10

Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World 2014 - Bishop Oyedepo Tops the List!

But that's not even the only thing that makes
this list 'crazy'. Out of the Top Ten Richest
pastors in the WORLD, these guys say 5 of
them are Nigerians! Read their report below
and let's read what you think about that.
Meanwhil the website also named President
Goodluck Jonathan as the 6th richest
President in Africa with an estimated $100
Million Net Worth.
A pastor is an ordained leader of a
Christian congregation. Many pastors
worldwide are serving humanity by
providing guidance to people belonging
to the community. Some of them have
become very rich through their churches
and other investments. These millionaire
men of God are known all over the
Here is the top 10 richest pastors in
the world as of 2014.

10) Joseph Prince – Net
worth: $5 Million
Annual salary of this Singaporean pastor is
$550,000. Pastor Joseph Prince is the senior
pastor of the New Creation Church in
Singapore. The New Creation Church’s
financial income was reported at $44.7
million US dollars in 2008. He hosts a
religious program called “Destined to Reign.”
He has addressed many congregations

=9) Chris Okotie – Net worth:
$10 Million (Nigeria)
Chris Okotie was a pop musician in the
1980s. He embraced the Bible and set up the
Household of God Church, one of Nigeria’s
most flamboyant congregations. He is an
automobile lover and owns several posh cars
which include a Mercedes S600, Rolls-Royce,
Hummer and Porsche.

=8) Matthew Ashimolowo – Net
worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)
Matthew Ashimolowo’s Kingsway International
Christian Center is the largest Pentecostal
church in the United Kingdom. It has assets
worth more than $40 million and earns profit
of more than $10 million.

7) T.B. Joshua – Net worth: $15
Million (Nigeria)
Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is Nigeria’s
most powerful, controversial and
philanthropic preacher. He heads the
Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a
congregation he founded in 1987. The
christian minister, televangelist and faith
healer is a big giver; his humanitarian works
include education, healthcare and
rehabilitation programs. He is the owner of
Emmanuel TV, a Christian television network.

6) T. D. Jakes – Net worth: $18
Million (United States)
Bishop T. D. Jakes is the apostle/bishop of
The Potter’s House, a non-denominational
American mega-church that has over 30,000
members. His ministry’s annual revival
MegaFest draws more than 100,000 people.

5) Billy Graham – Net worth: $25
Million (United States)
Billy Graham is a southern Baptist. He earned
celebrity status when his sermons were
broadcast on radio and TV stations all over
the USA. He founded the Billy Graham
Evangelist Association in 1950.

4) Creflo Dollar – Net worth: $27
Million (United States)
This American televangelist, pastor is also a
Word of Faith teacher. He is a founder of the
non-denominational World Changers Church
International. He has built a multimillion
dollar ministry on the message “It is the will
of God for you to prosper in every way.”

3) Benny Hinn – Net worth: $42
Million (United States)
This Israeli-American televangelist earned
wealth through his ministry and evangelical
program. He is well-known for his regular
miracle healing crusades, which are held in
large stadiums in major cities and
broadcasted in the TV.

2) Chris Oyakhilome – Net worth:
$50 Million (Nigeria)
Chris Oyakhilome’s church Christ Embassy
has more than 40,000 members, several of
whom are successful entrepreneurs and
politicians. This pastor’s diversified interests
include magazines, newspapers, a TV station,
a record label, hotels, satellite TV and real

1) David Oyedepo – Net worth:
$150 Million (Nigeria)
Bishop David Oyedepo is the richest pastor in
Nigeria and the world. He is the founder of
the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry.
Ever since he founded this ministry in 1981,
it has grown to become one of Africa’s largest
congregations. He hosts three services every
Sunday in The Faith Tabernacle. This
prosperous pastor owns private jets and
homes in the US and the UK.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Again, S’Africa seizes $5.7m arms cash from Nigeria

A South African news publication, ‘City
Express’, reported this on Monday, 6 October,
that the country’s Asset Forfeiture Unit of the
National Prosecuting Authority seized the
$5.7 million (N 952 million) for allegedly
being the proceeds of illegal transactions.
According to the paper, the transaction which
led to the confiscation, was between Societe
D’Equipments Internationaux, a Nigerian
company based in Abuja, and Cerberus Risk
Solutions, an arms broker in Cape Town.
The paper said the deal went sour
after Cerberus which had earlier gotten from
Nigeria R60 million (N 1.02 billion) in its
account at Standard Bank, tried to repay the
money as it it could not sort out its
registration formalities with the South African
City Press said.”Cerberus was previously
registered as a broker with the National
Conventional Arms Control Committee
(NCACC), but the registration expired in May
this year. The marketing and contracting
permits also expired at the same time. The
company has since applied for re-
registration, but the application lay in the
NCACC’s mailbox for more than two months.
Sources told Rapport that Cerberus apparently
tried to pay the money back to the Nigerian
company, after which the bank became
The National Prosecuting Authority NPA
spokesperson Nathi Mncube, was quoted as
saying that so far, there was nothing to prove
that both transactions were related.
“However, both are now the subject of a
criminal investigation and all possible
information and connections are being
This latest development comes as the dust is
yet to settle over the arrest of two Nigerians
and an Israeli national in South Africa while
attempting to smuggle US$9.3 million for
purchasing arms for the Nigerian Army.
The men were apprehended at Lanseria
International Airport, Johannesburg, on 5
September, after landing from Abuja in a
private jet, with the cash loaded in three
The House of Representatives recently threw
out a motion seeking a probe into the matter,
which resulted in the walk-out of members of
the major opposition party, APC, meanwhile,
the Senate has indicated its intention to
investigate the incident.

Photo: Terrible! Dogs Bite Off 4-Year Old Boy’s Skull In Igando

A 4 yr old Omonigho Abraham is currently
battling for his life at the Lagos State
University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, following
an unexpected encounter with two savage
Dogs last Thursday.
Omonigho had his scalp eaten by the two
dogs and dragged across Adegboyega Street,
Akesan Estate, in the Igando area of Lagos.

The dogs didn't stop there, they further
chewed the skin and exposed the victim’s
skull during the attack.
The dogs allegedly dragged him through his
parents' compound for more than one hour
while policemen and sympathizers watched
helplessly at the entrance of the house for
fear of being attacked by the savage dogs. No
fewer than seven policemen from the Igando
Police Station reportedly stood at the gate,
Rea his family members' and eye witnesses'
account of the incident below:
The immediate elder brother of the victim,
seven-year-old Osemudiamen:

“We were riding a bicycle in the compound
when the big dogs ─ Jack and Gadaffi ─
started barking at us. Later, they moved
towards us.
My elder brother and I quickly ran upstairs
and locked the door while Omo (Omonigho),
who could not run fast, was left behind.
When he got to the door, he knocked that we
should open for him and as we did, one of
the dogs forced his way into the house with
him. We all ran out. Bobby jumped down
from upstairs and I also jumped. But Omo
could not jump, so the dog attacked him. The
other dog also joined in the attack and there
was nothing we could do.”

A neighbor who witnessed the attack: “The
police came, but said there was nothing they
could do. The dogs were growling as they ate
the child alive and that sent fear into
everyone. Nobody could move inside to
challenge the dogs. Everybody was just
shouting in confusion and wielding sticks.”

The victim’s mother, Mrs. Helen Abraham:“I
was away when it happened but when I got
there, I met a crowd. They asked me not to
go inside, but I refused to listen to them. One
of the dogs emerged from the corridor with
blood stains in its mouth. I ran inside. The
other dog, on sighting me, pounced, but I
fought back. It later ran away. I called on
people who joined me to take him to a
“This has been a nightmare I want to wake up
The victim’s father, Mr. Odia Abraham: “The
doctor at Igando said his condition was
critical and we should take him to LASUTH.

When the Incident happened, I was away at
work.But when I got home, I saw parts of my
son’s scalp on the floor. The dogs dragged
him through the compound for about one and
half hours and nobody moved near them. His
face was also affected, but thankfully it did
not get to his eyes. His two brothers, who
survived, also got injured. The seven-year-old
who spoke with you has a fracture, which we
are still treating. The other, who is 13 years,
has a minor injury. We marked Omo’s fourth
year birthday in June. He is a very intelligent
boy and he always tells me he wants to be a
soldier because he loves to protect people. I
am hoping this thing will not affect his

The police were said to have arrested the
dogs and their owner, - one Stanley Wesley
A resident said the people living in the house
had warned Wesley about his dogs but he
refused to listen.
“We became alarmed when he brought a
third dog recently which was more
ferocious and bigger than the others.
Whenever he took that dog on a walk,
even adults would be scared.

“People told him to find a place to keep
his giant dogs, but he refused to listen.
It was the new dog that first followed
those children into the house. ”
Confirming the arrest, the Police
spokesperson, Lagos State Command, DSP
Kenneth Nwosu, said the police were the ones
that actually rescued the victim.

“I can confirm to you that on September
25, at about 5.40pm, dogs belonging to
one Stanley Wesley attacked and harmed
a four-year-old boy and the matter was
reported at the Igando Police Division.
“The report from the Divisional Police
Officer indicated that the dogs were
being kept to undergo some tests, while
their owner had been arrested. The
report that the police did not do
anything is not true.”

Monday, 6 October 2014

Photos:Charly Boy's Adorable Grandchildren, The Identical Twin Trendsetters are Huge Hit on the Instagram Catwalk

If you ever made the decision not to have
kids, please don't continue with this post
because these two new style kings on the
block will melt your hearts completely and
make you want a sperm donor, even if you
don't have a partner.

Three-year-old twins Michael and Daniel
Flora from London are Charly Boy's
grandchildren and they've become internet
sensations overnight. And who could
blame them as the cute twosome show-off
their swag and flair for identical outfits
and cool accessories ranging from
sunglasses and scarves to bow-ties and

The dreadlocked duo already have up
almost 45,000 followers on Instagram with
their 2yungkings handle. See more
photos .

PHOTOS: Woman Marries HERSELF after Being Single for 6 Years

Grace Gelder was so fed up with the dating
scene and single life that she decided
to become the first person in Britain to
marry HERSELF.

Grace decided to commit to the most
important person in her life, 'proposed' to
herself last November on a park bench and
staged a full wedding ceremony with 50
guests. According to her, after being
single for six years she had built up a brilliant
relationship with herself - and creating that
bond with someone else seemed like too
much hard work.

Inspired by the Björk song Isobel, which
includes the line, 'My name's Isobel, married
to myself', the Londoner said the lyric struck
a chord with her and it was then she decided
to walk solo down the aisle.
Grace bought a dress, a ring, rehearsed vows
and eventually wed in a farmhouse in rural
Devon watched by her sister and friends -
sealing the deal by planting a kiss on a
mirror. Speaking to the Guardian, she said:

"A few did comment, in a light-hearted
way, that it was a bit narcissitic.
Obviously, if you have just announced
you’re marrying yourself, it is plainly a
statement of self-love, and I was under
no illusion how self-indulgent that might
appear. But I was completely
comfortable with my motivations. I’d
been on a journey of personal
development using meditation, dance
and performance to increase my self-
awareness. Included in this was a Shakti
Tantra programme focused on sexuality
and how this was bound up with making
agreements with yourself and other

Sitting on that park bench, it dawned on
me that a self-marriage ceremony
witnessed by other people would
potentially be this massively powerful
means of making those agreements

PHOTOS: Psquare launch own 'beer' in Congo

Oh, wow!
Psquare duo Peter and Paul launched their
beer drink today in Lumbumbashi, Congo.
The beer named ‘Skol’ has its factory in
Congo....thus more money for the duo.
Remember they are into oil, properties,
cartoons and now beer.
See more photos below:

Ini Edo's in- laws rebuke her for denying "cheating' reports on twitter

And the divorce drama gets messier....:(
A few days ago, Ini Edo took to twitter to
confirm she is divorcing her hubby Phillip
Ehiagwina, she however recited
“irreconcilable differences” as the reason
for the divorce and denied claims she had
cheated on her husband.
Well, relatives & friends of her soon to be
ex husband are calling her out…saying
she’s lying about being faithful.

The close relative of Phillip Ehiagwina told
PulseNG thus:

Ini Edo should shut up about the marriage
crash because with the way she is going by
trying to paint Phillip as the wrong party,
we may be forced to open her can of worms
and it will not be palatable to her and her
I can tell you that Ini Edo is a serial cheat
who played the field behind her husband’s
back for the duration of their marriage. Is
she going to deny she was dating one Island
big boy whose girlfriend organised her
friends to beat her up and injured her?

Another family source said,

Bros, I can tell you that Ini Edo is not as
innocent as she is trying to make people
believe or think. We caught her on more
than three occasion with three different men
and she always begged us to forgive her.
We can even mention some of the men she
had affairs with including a South-South
governor whose wife embarrassed her and
ordered her security to send her out of the
governor’s guest house in the state capital.
She should dare us and we will mention the
name of the governor on the pages of

A close friend of Phillip also spilled

Did she tell you how Phillip embarrassed
her in front of her people when he went to
collect his bride price? He told her people
the kind of adulterous daughter they have
and how she had been cheating on him right
from the first day they were married.
In fact, he did not want to collect the bride
price but her people begged him to collect it
as that would free her to get married to
another man in the future.

Oh well! Apparently, this people obviously
don’t like her & they are determined to
drag her name through the mud!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

PDP Chieftain Bags Life Imprisonment for Raping Pregnant APC Woman

Obafemi Kolawole, a political associate to
Chief Ganiyu Oladiran, a Peoples Democratic
Party chieftain in Ilesa, was on 23 September
2014 convicted and sentenced to life
imprisonment with whipping for rape.
According to PMNews , the said Obafemi was
alleged to have on 15th September 2007
raped an Action Congress of Nigeria (now All
Progressives Congress) member (Tosin
Ajakaye, who was pregnant as at the time of
the incident) after the 2007 gubernatorial
election in Osun state. Kolawole was charged
before the State High Court sitting at Ilesa,
on a two-count charge of rape and indecent
assault contrary to Sections 358&360 of the
Criminal Code cap 34, Vol II, Laws of Osun
respectively in the case of The State Vs
Obafemi Kolawole HIL\2c\2009.

The prosecution called a total of four
witnesses including Tosin Ajakaye, Lawal
Sikiru, Dr. A.I Isawumi and the Investigating
police officer Sgt Olatunji Arojo in proof of
its case, while Obafemi testified in his
defence and called additional four witnesses
including Chief Ganiyu Oladiran, Adediran
Kehinde, Adewusi Olowolodu and Olayinka
At the trial, the prosecutor narrated her
ordeal that on 15th September, 2007, the
convict and his cohorts, who are not police
officers came to arrest her at her house at
about 7:30 p.m. for an unknown offence. On
sighting them and knowing their antecedent
in the vicinity, she took to her heels. The
convict pursued, caught up with her and beat
her up. Having overpowered her, he stripped
her naked and raped her.

“When my cry for help became
unbearable, he covered my mouth.
Unfortunately, those living in the same
compound with me had gone to Mosque
because it was the period of the Muslim
fast. Thereafter he bundled me into a
waiting jeep to join two other men whom
I found in the same predicament as
mine,” she said.

She later explained that they were driven to
the home of Chief Ganiyu Oladiran, a PDP
chieftain, and tied to a tree where the trios
were mercilessly flogged. She said Kolawole
later untied her and plucked out her pubic
hair, put it in her mouth to swallow with dry
gin, and thereafter went ahead to insert a tin
opener into her vagina and as well poured dry
gin all over her body. There he raped her

Lawal Sikiru who testified as ‘prosecutor
witness 2′ corroborated her story. He said he
was one of the two naked men in the waiting
jeep; the other was one Gbadamosi Lasun. He
stated further that he had earlier on received
his own share of beating, and bundled naked
into the jeep belonging to Chief Ganiyu
Oladiran when Ajakaye was brought in naked.
He confirmed that the trio were driven to
Chief Ganiyu’s house and tied to a tree where
they were mercilessly beaten and the content
of dry gin was poured all over their body.

According to him, Ajakaye was untied by the
accused who plucked out her pubic hair,
inserted a tin opener into her vagina, and as
well went ahead to pour dry gin in her
(vagina) and then sought the consent of the
Chief to have sexual intercourse with her.
The chief consented and she was taken to the
boot of the jeep from where they heard her
shouting for help.

The Medical examination conducted on
Ajakaye three days after the incident at
LAUTECH by Dr. Isawumi revealed that there
was penetration and that the swap taken from
her was full of alcohol. It was also discovered
medically, that as at the time of the incident
the prosecution was pregnant.

Sgt Arojo the IPO, on his own part, testified
that Ajakaye and others were brought to the
State Police Command Monitoring Unit at
Okefia by Chief Ganiyu Oladiran who claimed
that the trio whom he got arrested were the
ones who assaulted him after the April 2007
Gubernatorial Election in the State.
According to him, while receiving the
statements of all concerned, and conducting
investigation into the matter, it was
discovered that Chief Ganiyu Oladiran’s
captives were indeed the victims, and the
supposed complainants and cohorts were the
accused persons and were consequently
charged to court.

Obafemi Kolawole (the convict) in his own
defence, denied the allegations made against
him. He admitted going to Ajakaye’s house on
the fateful day and arresting her, but denied
stripping her naked, rather he handed her
over to his colleagues, who drove her and
other captives to Chief Ganiyu’s house, where
they were later handed over to the police.
His other witnesses also admitted that Ajakaye
and others were driven to the Chief’s house.
Chief Ganiyu Oladiran, while testifying in
defense of the accused claimed his co-
accused at the Magistrate Court who arrested
the trio were his sympathizers.

The presiding Judge, Honourable Justice A. B.
Abdulkareem, while finding the accused guilty
as charged, pronounced that although the
corroboration of prosecution witness two was
limited to assault, it does not corroborate
penetration which is the vital ingredient
necessary for rape.
However, the medical report tendered by Dr
Isawumi corroborated the needed penetration
and he thereafter found Kolawole guilty.

learned trial Judge held that the Prosecution
Counsel Mrs Rachel Ojimi, a Chief State
Counsel, in the Ministry of Justice, has been
able to prove its case beyond reasonable
doubt and consequently convicted the
accused. He however struck out the charge of
indecent assault since it carries a lesser
The imports of this judgment are as follows:

(a) Our society is still governed by
laws and that notwithstanding the
fact that you have perceived that
some individuals have wronged you
does not give you the liberty or
license to take laws into your hands
and forgetting the maxim ’UBI JUS
IBI REMEDIUM’ meaning, where
there is a right, there is a
concomitant remedy.

(b) That our courts are still the last
hope of the common man, though
justice may be slow yet its long
hand will surely catch up with the
offender no matter how highly or
lowly placed or affiliated to a
political party.

Taiwo Oshadipe Buried; She Died 2 days ago

One half of the Oshadipe twins, Taiwo is dead
and as you read this, her burial is reportedly
going on. So sad story. Taiwo was mum to a
young boy she delivered in July 2013. The
cause of her sudden death is not yet known
but according to insiders, she might have
died two days after a brief illness.  Encomium
is also reporting that the Oshadipe twins
secretly got married recently to twin brothers
in a wedding ceremony attended only by
family members in Lagos.
May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Photos: Akon Performs in Plastic Bubble to Avoid Catching Ebola in Congo

R&B star Akon has been accused of going to
extreme lengths to avoid catching Ebola
during a concert in Africa.
The 'Locked Up' singer climbed inside the
airtight blow-up during a performance in
Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
on Sunday and rolled over the crowd, pushed
along by the outstretched hands of 60,000
screaming concert-goers. This is something
he has done before during performances
before the Ebola outbreak but his actions has
prompted breathless reports from certain
media outlets. Scroll down to see more pics

Why I'm divorcing my husband-Ini Edo opens up

September was indeed the month of high
profile celebrity splits. Ini Edo finally
responded to divorce rumours.After 8
years of marriage, she is indeed getting
divorced and, it's not because she
cheated.She has made it clear she was the
one who initiated the divorce from her US
based husband, Philip Ehiagwina...not the
other way round..

Her marriage to him was surrounded by
controversy after Philip's ex, Rita, accused
her of snatching him from her.. .

Too bad they couldn't work it out ...More

Photos:US Ebola Patient's family are quarantined at home

After the revelation that US Ebola patient
had come in contact with about 100
people, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins,
who is coordinating the Ebola response,
said he was 'not happy' that family
members were still quarantined at the
Jenkins said Mr Duncan's sweat-soaked
bedsheets remained inside but were bagged
and in the bedroom with the door closed.

There are currently no plans to move the
family to another location, he added, but
said it was safe for them to remain the
apartment while the sanitization process
took place.
Judge Jenkins, who visited the family on
Thursday, said they are 'understandably
stressed' but being assisted by the CDC - not
just to monitor their temperatures but to
cope with the frightening situation.
A cleaning team arrived at the scene to
sanitize the contaminated apartment
where the Ebola victim's family have been
quarantined under police guard .
His girlfriend Louise Troh, her son
Timothy Wayne, 13, nephew Oliver
Smallwood, 21, and his friend Jeffrey Cole,
have been legally ordered to stay inside
the Dallas apartment where Ebola patient
Thomas Duncan b ecame contagious last
weekend.He is reportedly too ill and weak
to talk at the moment .
The quarantine order, which also bans
visitors, was imposed on Wednesday after
the individuals inside the apartment tried
to leave.

The 13-year-old went to Tasby Middle
School for part of Wednesday, but was sent
home. School officials said again that no
family members were exhibiting Ebola

There were concerns over the conditions
the family had left in after Mr Duncan's
girlfriend told CNN on Thursday that his
sweat-soaked sheets were still on the bed -
five days after he was taken to hospital
with Ebola symptoms.

The at-risk group includes 12 to 18 people
who had direct contact with the infected
man, including an ambulance crew and a
handful of schoolchildren, she said. The
others came into contact with that core

Thomas Eric Duncan was to wed Louise
Troh in a ceremony which would have
paved the way to him staying in the U.S.
permanently - and escape his native
Mark Wingfield, associate pastor at
Wilshire Baptist Church, told MailOnline:

'Louise told our senior pastor on
Thursday that Mr Duncan had come
to the US to marry her and start a
new life.Those are her words to
describe the situation'.
Until three years ago he had been living in
a refugee camp in Ghana because he was
unable to return home due to a civil war
in Liberia - and on his arrival just about
scraped a living tinkering with cars and

Duncan arrived in the U.S. on September
20 and is believed to have come on a
tourist visa in what was his first trip to

Duncan, 42, and Troh, 54, appear to have
a relationship of some king going back
many years and have at least one child

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Man slammed with 5 year jail term for raping his puppy (Photo)

With each passing day, you think nothing
can shock you any more, yet,some people
still manage to have you flabbergasted .

A 62 year old man has been sentenced to 5
years in prison in the U.S for fondling
and raping his 8-month-old pit bull puppy.
James Guy Bull pleaded guilty to two
counts of felony cruelty to animals,
misdemeanor animal cruelty charges and
misdemeanor sexual activities involving
On March 18, two of Bull's neighbors came
forward, claiming they had seen him
fondling the dog's private parts on several
occasions, despite cries and yelps from the
animal named Coco.

According to USA Today ,At one point, a
neighbor was walking near Bull's
apartment when he reportedly caught him
in the act of having sex with the dog,

"When (Bull) saw (him), he pulled up
his pants and put the dog down,When
police arrived at Bull's home, they
said they found the small "clearly
emaciated" dog chained to a post on
the front porch.She had about 8
inches of free reign, no water, no
shelter and no food for her,The dog
showed signs of physical sexual abuse
and was "skittish and obviously
The dog, now named Rose, is safe in the
custody of an animal rescue group.

Veteran actor Saint Obi reportedly Media Consultant to President Jonathan

Since he acquired a N46m bullet proof
2014 G65 Limited Edition Mercerdes Benz
earlier this month,many have been asking
how he managed to fund such luxury.He
hasn't been seen in movies in recent times.

According to DailyTimes NG , the veteran
actor is now a media consultant working
towards the successful re-election
campaign of President Goodluck
Jonathan.He said

“Despite the security challenges in the
country, which will certainly end
very soon, no Nigerian President had
performed better than President
Goodluck Jonathan in terms of first 3
years as President. This is a fact, not
the falsehood circulated by 2015
power seeking propagandists…”

Most of our veteran actors are now
delving into politics.

Photos: SHOCKING! Pastor Lesego has congregation drink petrol

Highly controversial South African Pastor ,Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Centre Ministries has graduated from trampling on his congregation ,having them eat grass ,to giving them petrol to drink.

He held petrol in a bottle and said petrol can be as tasty as pineapple.

Suddenly church members were rushing towards him begging for a taste.When he gives them he asks"Is it nice"? They yell and nod in excitement,pleading for more...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Of course you do.
But if you are Nigerian, you probably have
heard the words "He/She doesn't know how to
talk" at one point or the other . In Yoruba
language it's even better expressed as "ko mo
oro so". (I don't know any Igbo/hausa/benin
languages so pls pardon me).
Shuo! How person no go no how to talk
Help me ask them oh. Instead of them to say
"he is rude"," he said what I don't like", "he/
she said what I
don't wanna hear", "has a big mouth"
or "is a straight talker "they will say he/she
doesn't know how to talk.
I am a bit of a straight talker myself. I don't
like 'long thing'. keep it straight and to the
Yes! I have also being accused of not knowing
how to talk ok.
Help me ask "them" which of these two
scenarios qualifies me as not knowing how to

Scenario 1
At a party.

Madam with big gele calls me "Ssssssssss!
Ssssssss!Ore iyawo! Yes you! ! Help me get 2
plates of the jollof rice, fried rice, Goat
meat,crabs,prawns, salad and a bottle of
wine. Don't forget my souvenir".
Me: Innocently. "But ma,didn't you just eat
five wraps of pounded yam and efo just now.
My friend also gave you your souvenir pack as
you entered the Venue".
Madam: gives me evil eye. Mutters to her
friend. "This one doesn't know how to talk".
I hurry to get the food before somebody
starts seeing madam 'big gele' in her dreams. I
cannot shout.

Scenario 2
Telephone conversation with an annoying guy.

Him: Iyawo! Hi!
Me : I am not your iyawo. Your iyawo is
probably still in Secondary school. Hope you
can be patient for her to grow older sha?
Him: *ignores me* Where are you?
Me: Somewhere.
Him: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing.
Him: You didn't reply my message?
Me: I think I saw it.
Him: Are you busy?
Me: Did I tell you I was busy?
Him: Can I take you out for lunch?
Me: I don't like eating with people. *is a lie
Him: Ok!Sorry. When can I come over?
Me: Come over where?
Him: Your house
Me: To come do what?Am not around.*
another lie*
Him: Ok!Help me greet my mother in law.tell
her that her son in law Jide said you should
be greeting her.
Me: Ehn! Son in law ko! Son in law ni. My
mother is yet to know her son in law. Abeg

*receives text 5 minutes later* "You don't
know how to talk".

Kai!what have I said now?
On a serious note though, some people do say
hurtful things that do a lot of harm to the
listening party's ego and psyche. I think those
are the original owners of the "don't know
how to talk" logo.

They are the ones who tell
a woman who has been married for five years
without getting pregnant " I hope you are not
doing family planning sha.Your mates children
are already in Primary two."

They are also the ones who want to tell a man
his wife is cheating on him and they first of
all ask if he doesn't satisfy her in bed, or give
her enough money, cos if not his wife won't
be seen with another man in an hotel.

How about you? Do you know how to talk? Do
you know someone who doesn't?
Are your words filled with vanilla,
sugar,salt,ice or vinegar? or even worse
pepper and

I don't like to talk alone oh. Lets share.
Post a comment (or two) below.

A day at the salon.

Nothing beats a day at the salon. Getting
my hair did,generally getting
pampered and feeling like a madam at the
top and completely forgetting whatever
problems I may have carried into the
salon. Ok quick confession, It isn’t all so
rosy with 3 people tugging and pulling my
3” long hair. It pained oh.

And the noise? They were chatting along
and not giving a care that they were on my
head. Makes me miss my short hair. I’ve
been thinking of going back to my TWA
after this biko. I cant deal.

Now, one thing i know you cannot take
away from the average Nigerian salon is
the gist. Lots of gist, then there must be a
nollywood movie playing (or gist about a
Nigerian feem ) and there is the occasional
smelly armpit over your head while your
hair gets washed.
While i was there, most of the gist was
centered around Nkechi, Lily, Ugochi (all
ladies I do not know)

I learnt a little
something about “that fine aunty wey get
that red car” and that “one wey I no like
bcoz she no dey give small kola” (kola ke?
After she don pay for your services?)

There was a fight over wrapper and how
who didn’t pay for it and "she collect the
wrapper since last month oh" (for the
purpose of this post, I call her oni gbese -
thank you twitter). Meanwhile oni gbese
was trying hard to defend her honor and
even threatened to return the wrapper if
"una no go allow pesin" . I think she should
have just explained why she couldn't pay
for said wrapper but who asked me?

I also learnt that "Ogechi don born boy and
her husband dey take care of her very well
oh" and "Chisom sef don marry and she dey
France" or was that Strands, the salon? *i
need to focus* This one and “ my guy say...,
my guy come..., my guy this, my guy that…..”
new love maybe? *Kermit pose*

New Chapter- The couple that just left; and
all i can say is if the poor dude knew what
would be said about coming with sisi to the
salon, bros for no show oh, at all at all.
but i think it was nice and a wee bit
romantic even but again, who asked me?

Quiet time - Thanks to praise and worship
on STV with Sinach and the glorious God
guy. I should find out the name of the

At the end of the day, me sef my amedo is
on a high scale right? Since I had my head
phones, my laptop and my phone, I really
didn’t have to listen but hey, what’s a day
at the salon without listening to all the

This is a Public Service Announcement!

Fellow Nigerians,
" You have gained weight "
"Ah, you don fat oh"
"You don add oh"
"You are putting on weight oh"
"You have added " etc

Are NOT, I repeat are NOT ways to greet
someone you haven't seen in a while!

This is how my people will just see
somebody and shout " You don chop up oh" .
Really? Who ask you? Just say hi, hello,
good morning, good evening first.

It Will End In Praise!

There are days I feel I am at my lowest
emotionally, when it gets hard to even go
on my knees to pray because I feel
overwhelmed. I ask all sorts of questions
and even cry myself to sleep.
I had one of those days recently and I chose
to give up on something important to me
because I felt I didn't have the strength to
fight any more.

When I go through this phase, I let myself
feel sorry for a while, get it together and
remember God's promises to His people. To
Zion, To ME and I go down on my knees to
ask His forgiveness for being anxious, for
being fearful and for losing hope on the
same thing I have spent hours asking for
by faith. I remember who I am!
I remember to cast all my fear on Him
because He cares for me like no other and I
know I have no choice but to cast all of my
anxiety on Him and trust Him completely.

After all, His Word in Isaiah 40:31 says
that they that wait upon the Lord shall
renew their strength; they shall mount up
with wings as eagles; they shall run and not
be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.

So, why worry? I ask myself.
I have taught myself to run to the Psalms
of David for encouragement. See, I love
that son of Jesse called David. He knew his
way with God, no wonder He called him

In my opinion, words of encouragement to
self and anyone who may be going through
one thing or the other can never be over
emphasised. I force myself to run under the
canopy of God because I know my saviour
will cover me and give me security under
His canopy. tihihihi....I couldn't resist
doing that, it is the Sunday school teacher
in me. :D

I will just
drop some of the verses that help me go
through the funk. As I continue to be
hopeful and prayerful knowing that He
will come through for me. He said it, I
believe it and that settles it.
And I hope this reaches out to someone
even in the smallest way that His name
may be glorified.

Remember, whatever it is, it will end in
praise! And like I tell myself all the time,
Pray! Pray! Pray! even when I don't feel
like it, Pray and keep prying until
something happens.
Psalm 91 and all the Psalms.

All About Superstitious Beliefs TGIF!!!!

So, I am sitting here thinking about my
already loaded weekend and my palm
itched. I immediately said to myself "yeah,
I am going to get money soon". Then I asked
myself "really"? (Yes, I do talk to myself like
that sometimes) The money thought has
always been the first thought in my head
whenever my palm(s) itch. I was told this
and some more as a kid and it grew on me.
I think it may have actually happened a
few times (sheer coincidence) now as an
adult and a woman of faith, I know all
that was bullcrap. I have learned to lol at
how silly some of them are.
Anyways, as you must have figured out,
my itchy palm is the reason for this post
because I began to ask myself how many of
these superstitious beliefs did I grow up
believing and have subconsciously held on
to all this while?

The free dictionary defines Superstition as
an irrational belief arising from
ignorance or fear. Abeg, too serious biko,
I am not talking about all those deep, scary
stuff. I want to talk about the rather silly
ones we believed as kids. You know the
ones you were sure could spare you some
punishments when you did something
wrong or the ones that could fetch you
some money. A good example is the one
where we'd remove 7 eyelashes and throw
away to make mother forget about those
strokes of cane we were to get. Nope, she
never forgot and even when my eye lashes
almost became bald, I kept tugging at them
with high hopes that she'd forget. I was a
firm believer mhen!

These are some of the ones I can remember
from back then. I knew them, I held onto
them and I believed them.
Crossing your fingers when
you wish on something to
be.... I still do this out of
Of course when your palms
itch, money!!!

Kill a centipede and you must
count all it's legs or you die
also . I never went near one,
I was bad at maths and I did
not want to die.

Point at a grave yard and you
have to bite all 10 of your
fingers or you will die.... This
was taken seriously because
my granny's house was not
far from a cemetery back

I always screamed blood of
Jesus whenever I hit my l eft
foot because, bad luck! Hit
your right leg, good luck.
Do not sweep at night. I don't
know why.
DO NOT whistle at night!
Cobwebs bring poverty.

If a person crosses over your
legs while you are sitting,
you'll have a child just like
them. I still feel
uncomfortable when anyone
crosses over my legs.

There was something about
cats. Especially black ones.
If the bottom of your feet
itch, you will make a trip

Monday, 22 September 2014

Which of these Ladies would You Choose to Marry, Guys?

Talk true

Is it True that No Guy Wants a Virgin in this Jet Age?

I am a 27 year old lady and I am still a
virgin. I actually decided to remain a
virgin until my wedding night because I
lost my parents when I was very young
and in order to restrain myself from
becoming wayward I made a vow to
myself to remain a virgin until
my wedding night but I am going
through a lot of problems because of
No guy wants to stay with me.
Immediately I let them know that I am a
virgin, they just run away from me as it
is a plague. My boyfriend just broke up
with me last week and his excuse was
that the relationship was just too boring
and he can't cope again. That no guy
wants a virgin in this jet age and that
prompted me to ask this question: is it
true that no guy wants a virgin in this jet

Being Friends First VS Hitting It Immediately. Which Is Better?

Ladies and gentlemen, which do you think is

Teenage girl impregnated by own father tells her pathetic story (Photos)

A 42-year-old man Segun Oderinde
impregnated his 16-year-old daughter in Oyo
state, last year and today, they have a child -
a bouncing baby boy Moses Okiki
Bolutiwatife. This means that Oderinde is the
father and grandfather of his daughter’s baby!
The name, Boluwatife, means ‘As God wills’,
but is it really the will of God for a man to
sire a child through his own biological
daughter? Okiki also means ‘fame’ but is it
this kind of fame the little baby would have
wished himself?
This is the strange thing that has happened in
the Oderinde family in Gboro Compound,
Igbeti, Olorunsogo Local Government area of
Oyo State.
The teenage mother narrated her story thus:

“I was living with my mother until 2013
when my father asked me to come and
live with him. On December 25, 2013,
my father woke me up and asked to
remove my clothes but I refused. He
drew a cutlass and threatened to kill me
if I did not do his bidding. Afraid, I
removed my clothes and he forcefully
had sex with me. He was the first man
to sleep with me because I had never
had sex before then.

“The following day, I reported to one of
his two wives who was a nurse and she
promised to ask him, but I don’t know
whether she eventually did. In March,
2014, he did the same thing again and I
ran to his second wife’s house and
reported to her. She asked me to swear
to an oath with a bible but I refused
since I knew I was saying the truth.

started sleeping in her apartment.
“In April, he came to tell me to return to
his apartment to do some things for him
but I refused to go. His wife however
put pressure on me to answer my
father’s call since he wanted me to do
some things for him at home. I followed
him after much pressure.

“Unfortunately for me, on Saturday
preceding Easter celebration, precisely
on April 18, he had sex with me again.
All the while, I did not know I was
pregnant. I had my last menstruation in
December 2013.
“My stepmother suspected I was
pregnant and took me to one Mrs Aremu
who confirmed the pregnancy. The case
was reported at the police station and I
started living with my paternal
grandfather until I fell into labour. My
mother wanted the pregnancy to be
aborted but the doctor said he could
not do it.

“After I was delivered of the baby and
my grandfather was told that the baby
has a striking resemblance with my
father, he ran away and has not been
seen since then.

“Since the confirmation of the
pregnancy, the DPO and the DCO were
the ones who purchased baby things and
other items that I would need during
and after delivery. They also paid my
hospital bill. I now stay with my mother
and she is helping me to take care of the

The girl appealed to members of the public to
come to her aid so that her education would
not be stalled. “I want to return to school. I
was in JSS2 when this happened but I don’t
want it to mark the end of my academic
pursuit,” the girl said.

Photos: Much Ado about the Half Naked Gospel Singer in Church

We are sure by now you must have seen the
photos of the half naked gospel singer making
the rounds on social media...allegedly the
singer by the name of Only 1 Harmony wore
this to perform at a Riverside Church in New

The text and photo were posted on Facebook
by an outraged congregation member,
claiming it’s not praise and worship,
but “Perverted praise & whore-ship”.
“It Is Shameful & Very Appalling That The
YORK,Allowed Singer ‘ONLY1HARMONY’,To
Sing In Their Church HALF-NAKED..As A
Matter Of Fact,I Don’t Call This PRAISE &

They Are Just Rubbishing The
Not See Anything Wrong In This,What About
FATHERS Of The Church,When This
SHAMELESS LADY Stepped On The Church
Podium To Sing?..Do They Want To Turn The
Church Into A RED-LIGHT
NIGHTCLUB?..Hmm!,Its Really END-
TIME,When All Kinds Of People Will Claim To
Come In GOD’s Name,But In Real Sense,With
Ulterior Motives..Just Too Bad,I MUST
Say..SMH!..GOD Help Us All,AMEN!!! :..”
Well, we carried out our own research and
found that Ms. Onlyone Harmony was part of
the Adrian Alicea fashion show during
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015
runway at Riverside Church on September 10,
2014 in New York City.”that involved a
number of people, both men and women,
wearing different types of revealing costumes


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